August 11th, 2004

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From the WSJ's Political Diary...

... and via Right-Thinking.
Remember when John Kerry boasted that foreign leaders constantly whispered in his ear they wanted him to win? He's quieted down a bit since realizing such boasts didn't play quiet well in Peoria, but he does keep sweeping up those endorsements. Following on the heels of Cuba's Fidel Castro and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez comes the warm support of Norodom Sihanouk, the august constitutional king of Cambodia.

This may come as a shock to the many who thought his majesty was no longer with us. In fact, King Sihanouk and Queen Monique still maintain their palace in Phnom Penh, though they�re mostly found nowadays at his northern hideaway in Pyongyang, hanging out with one of his best pals, Kim Jong-il.

But every now and then King Sihanouk will pen some of his royal thoughts and hang them at his royal website. "The honorable John Kerry is a sincere friend of Cambodia and its people," the royal blogger recently wrote with a North Korea dateline. On a visit to Cambodia, the Massachusetts Senator had "showed himself to be very courteous." He "never raised his voice during his conversations with the king on matters of state. "He was modest and knew to pay serious attention to what I had to say to him."

Those rushing to hope for warmer relations with Cambodia should be advised that King Sihanouk has no executive power whatsoever. All shots are called by Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge recruit who later turned pro-Vietnamese and has been his country�s ruling strongman since 1981.

Well I mean, how could the royal family of Cambodia not love John Kerry... after all, he did spend Christmas of 1968 in their lovely country. Or did he?

Like Lee says: "Nine out of ten thugs, terrorists, and brutal dictators agree, Kerry in 2004!"
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Would anyone be interested in a Stargate Atlantis mood set?

I'm thinking about making one... but it's such a big job I'd like to know that there's some interest out there first ;)
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