May 24th, 2004

tv // lbd // shoulder touch


I had a lot of weird dreams last night. Like... a lot. But the one that stands out was the one that was 24-ish. Now, I have no interest in 24. I've seen two episodes since I've been home and that's only because my parents watch it. But anyway, I had a dream that that Tony guy (I think that's his name) was actually working for the bad guys. It was quite dramatic ;)

Oh, and kismatt... what do you think about this wireless router? And where would I look to see if I have a "2.4GHz wireless adapter"? I mean, I know I have a wireless adapter, I just don't know the speed.
tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Le sigh

I'm in a funk today. Apologies to anyone I've been snappish with.

I think I've gotten this way every summer since I started college. The freedom of the off-season has started to wear thin, I'm feeling over-exposed to and with my family, not to mention poor and generally useless. I've applied to the place I worked last summer but they've already done some summer hiring so who knows how loing -- or if -- I'll hear from them. I've been skimming the classifieds every day to no avail. And is useless.

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