May 20th, 2004

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Good intentions

Well, I meant to go to bed a little early tonight, so I wouldn't sleep into the afternoon tomorrow, but my brain was not feeling cooperative... and neither were the kittens. It's easy to blame everything on the kittens. Abby was willing to lay down and sleep but Piper has too much bounce left in her and with those two it's always monkey see, monkey do. How can Abby be expected to sleep when her sissy is off somewhere in the house having fun? Now the two of them are out here in the living room with me, running and jumping around and keeping Chester awake, the poor thing.

I've finished Anne of Windy Poplars and have gone on to Anne's House of Dreams. Anne and Gil are married and I'm very happy for them. I do wish we could have gotten a bit more of a wedding itself. Something I've noticed in the books since Anne of Avonlea is that sometimes the story becomes more about the minor characters then about Anne and Gil. Actually, I suppose it started with Davy and Dora. I just didn't care much about them and there was so much of them in the book. Ah well... it's still great reading, and I've put a new Anne and Gil icon up just in honor of their 'nuptials' (even though the scene -- Anne pushing Gil down after he said something unfavorable about one of her stories -- doesn't even happen in the books. It's Mr. Harrison who said it, and Anne pretty well kept her temper. I was a little sad about that, because it's one of my favorite scenes in the movie and here it didn't even come from LMM herself! Oh well).

I'm still working on putting my new website together. It's coming along very nicely. I spent the last couple nights trawling through the archives at samandjack yahoogroups looking for all the dates I posted my stories on. It's a vanity thing. I would hate for someone to find my site, read my very first fic, and imagine that it was anything other than my very first fic. I want people to know that -- I think -- I have gotten better over time, otherwise I might as well put up only my most recent story and nothing else.

I put in my application at Dainty Center today, complete with an explanation that, should they hire me, I won't be able to work during a certain week and a half in July. Several people I used to work with were in the office and seemed to remember me, which was nice. The gal who is in charge of applications said that they've already done some summer hiring but that they'll keep me in mind. Considering the high turnover rate in this field, and the fact that it isn't even summer yet, I'll be surprised if I don't hear from them. If I don't, I'll just have to assume that my required week in July was what turned them off. It's not like there's any other reason that they would turn down a college graduate with gobs of experience in child care... who's already worked for them before!

Oh, don't mind me... I'm just insecure :)

The kittens are running up and down the living room and Chester looks very -- as they might say in the Anne books -- 'put upon'.

*winces at a loud crash from the direction of the piano*


I'm starting to feel a little inkling of the writing bug again. It probably comes from going through my old stories, formatting. It's just so nice to finish something and have that feeling of accomplishment! Of course the downside is that in order to finish something you first have to start it!
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(no subject)

An idiot says:
"Regardless of whether there is anti-American sentiment in Athens or not, the world watches Americans a lot now in terms of how they behave and our culture. What I am trying to do with the athletes and coaches is to suggest to them that they consider how the normal things they do at an event, including the Olympics, might be viewed as confrontational or insulting or cause embarrassment."

"What I am telling the athletes is, 'Don't run over and grab a flag and take it round the track with you.' It's not business as usual for American athletes. If a Kenyan or a Russian grabs their national flag and runs round the track or holds it high over their heads, it might not be viewed as confrontational. Where we are in the world right now, an American athlete doing that might be viewed in another manner."

Aaron says:
So, certain nationalities may be incapable of coping with their own bitterness, lack of sportsmanship, and inability to handle a multinational athletic event in good spirits, so we should walk on eggshells for them? Mike at Miniluv is right: That's just plain patronizing. Let those certain nations show themselves for what they are. After all, we're the ones who are supposed to be incapable of getting along in the international community, right?

The idiot is right. And, logically, the next conclusion is that we shouldn't try to beat any of the athletes from other countries cause, ya know, they might find it confrontational and we don't want that!

I love my international friends, but in the case of this issue and most like it... I say

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Final grades

Good news -- I got As in Teaching Reading, Teaching Social Studies, American Lit, and Pedagogical Seminar, and a B+ in Physics.

Oh, and I passed Volleyball, too.
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