April 30th, 2004

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Well lookie here

After being down for, oh, about six hours, the damn campus ethernet decided to revive itself just as I was planning on giving up and going to bed.

I know what it's trying to do. It's trying to make it so when I finally have to leave it in 11 days, I won't miss it as much as I would if it was functioning normally.


I am now done with two of my five classes. And no final! Hee! The third class will be over and done with (again, with no final) on May 6th. My American Lit written exam will be on May 7, and my final Physics exam is May 10. I'll probably officially move out of my dorm on the 11th. The School of Ed Awards ceremony and University convocation (with Ted Olson! Wee!) is on the 14th, and Commencement, otherwise known as the day I have been counting down to since at least March is on May 15.

Because I have a limited number of graduation announcements, I can't send copies to all the friends I'd like to :( But I'm going to follow Denise's suggestion and scan one of them and put it online for all to see! And hey, if you want to send me a gift, I can't very well stop you, can I?

On to tonight's TV.

The Tru Calling finale was awesome. US folks who didn't watch this season should be flogged. UKers -- this is your last warning. The series started off quite slow, rather formulaic, and I thought that the lack of humor was very noticable. But in the second half of the season a lot more twists and turns were thrown in that really upped the interest and suspense.

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Now, time to catch up on my friends. I've been telling myself that, now that I have a smaller flist, I'm going to be a more generous commenter.
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