April 26th, 2004

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Website still down. I'm starting to worry that the punks have cut me off because the couple dozen big files (eps) I have on the server. Of course they say that we're supposed to get unlimited server space, but the last place I went with said we were supposed to have unlimited bandwidth and that was a lot of B.S. too.

Still, I shall be very annoyed if this is the case.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch


My site is still down, so for the time being I'm dusting off my folder at sjhw.net :) I also made myself some icons to cheer myself up.

This one just made me laugh:

The rest are from Jonathon Earl Bowser's art, which I dearly love, and no copyright infringement is meant by their use here. If you use any of these, please put jonathonart.com in the keywords.

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ETA: Yay, we won!
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