April 22nd, 2004

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Just wondering

Poll #282751 Alias mood theme

I'm making an Alias mood theme. Should this theme...

Include everyone from the cast?
Be primarily Syd with a smattering of others?
Be primarily Syd/Vaughn with a smattering ot others?
Be Syd/Vaughn only... nothing else will do?
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Making good progress on my Alias theme. Only 55 left... which I will finish tomorrow.

And for the record, at this point it's Syd/Vaughn only. Although that could always change.
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My Alias (Syd/Vaughn) mood theme has been created. I may do a more general theme in the future, but

1. I got all of these pics from The Safe House, which I think I can safely say is Syd/Vaughn-biased, so most of the captures were of the two of them, and

2. Come on, they're precious!
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Tru Calling

This show has gotten so much better since the beginning of the season. I'm so looking forward to the finale, but if Davis dies I shall cry.

And I told you he was evil!

Time for Kingdom!
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