April 7th, 2004

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You know...

... why is it I don't have trouble sleeping nights before days when I don't have to be up for a morning class?

Oh well. It's not all that late yet. And I got things done tonight, at least. I finished my first thematic unit lesson plan. I finished my social studies T3 site with help from kismatt and sharim. *smooch* And shaz, I did make those arrows on the other site easier to see. You like? I still had to make it a rollover. I can't control myself when it comes to rollovers!
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Oh for the love of all that's good and holy!!!

ahhhh! Starcrossed has aired 'overseas'? What the hell does 'overseas' mean and why doesn't it mean here, where I am!


Justice League: Starcrossed screencaps. It's sad sad sad. The last group of caps makes me want to cry. But damn, doesn't HG look absolutely gorgeous?

If you go here, you can see Flash without his mask on! (And Bruce, but that's not as big a deal *g*) Plus... doesn't 07.jpg look incredibly obscene, or is it just me?

It's so bizarre seeing everyone in street clothes. They look so much... better.

*looks back at the pics and has eyes fall out of head* 18.jpg... that can't possibly be what I think it is, right?


Right now I'm just clinging to the fact that the JL season 3 promo art shows the whole group.

Ooh, and while I'm at it... there's a cool interview with Maria Canals, voice of HG, and she talks about the womance and a little about the finale.

*gasp* If I'm not mistaken, Amazon is taking preorders for the Starcrossed DVD! *screams and dives for her credit card*
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