April 6th, 2004

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Getting ahead of myself

Gateworld just put up a bunch of new promo pics for Atlantis, and - having time to kill - I made a bunch of icon bases. Hee.

1. 2. 3.

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Take 'em, change 'em, add text to 'em, just please credit me for the base :)
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(no subject)

- Put 5 reading summaries on T3 site #2 (waiting for Emma and Angela to email me)
- Finish SDAIE lesson plan (sorta)
- Finish social studies observations (Thursday)
- Write up last two observations
- Complete at least two thematic unit plans
- Finish social studies T3 site
- English reading for Friday
- Read more for Pedagogy (Kozol and Rose)
- Lang. Arts reading for Thursday
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Hong Kong

"This is going to be another battleground between Red China and the West. One day they're going to roll their tanks down the streets of Hong Kong, and they're going to dare the rest of the world to do something about it."

Quote from Lee.

Story from the Sydney Morning Herald.
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Watching JL: Hereafter

Heh. This is so corny. Although I might find it sad if it was anyone but Superman.

*looks around* What?? He is sooo the Daniel of JL. Only better looking. And less annoying. And a cartoon. But still, he's Daniel.
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