March 9th, 2004

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More morons

A group of students and professors at the University of Nebraska says the school's new tagline, "Pioneering New Frontiers," should be reconsidered because it might offend American Indians, reports the Daily Nebraskan.

"There were people here before the pioneers," says Cynthia Willis-Esqueda, coordinator of Native American studies at UNL. "They have always been here and are still here. And the tagline doesn't include them."

The officials who chose the line say it is meant to represent innovation and forward steps, but John Wunder, UNL Academic Senate president and history professor, said he had received calls from several people who called it "exclusionary."

You know, I'm offended too. I'm offended that someone that stupid could get a job at a university.
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I'm not reading spoilers for LC2.

I'm not I'm not I'm not.

*grabs at Arnise's coattails and sobs*

(I had iced tea with lunch and I just know I'm gonna regret it later.)
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From Gateworld, regarding the SG-1 comic...

First thing's first -- Stargate SG-1: Prisoner of War (P.O.W.) #1. This series has two main purposes -- to give you a taste of the incredible artwork, storytelling, and quality you can expect in every issue and to introduce the general comic book world to SG-1.

Oh yeah. That's really encouraging. Not.

The pictures scare me. Scaaaare meeeee...
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