February 25th, 2004

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The big icky storm has landed.

Here's a Collapse )

It probably doesn't look like much to those of you who are used to lots of white and pink, but around here, it's big ;) The power's already gone out twice in the last few hours. Too bad I heard my printer resetting... I could have slept through class and had a good excuse ;)

PS - I'm in Stockton.

PPS - Wowee, look at the CHP traffic reports.
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Class cancelled -- yay!

I'm thinking of skipping volleyball. I really don't want to have to go out in that again until I have to. Plus it means I can shower, *cough*nap*cough*, and study for my midterm at 2.

Yes, I'm a bad bad person with senioritis. But missing two classes won't kill me.

BTW, does anyone have a good copy (as in 30MB or more) of 2010 and/or RoP? See, I've got a couple vids in mind that I want to make. Only I've been turned off vidding lately because most of the ep files I have to use are pretty small and therefore not the best quality. And it's kind of a pain to go to all the trouble to make a vid and then have it come out looking... not great. So eventually I'm gonna need lots more eps ;) but at the moment 2010 and RoP are the most important.

*bats eyelashes*
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The drowned rat look is very in this season

Wow. With all the rain and wind, my pants were just about soaked through by the time I got to my physics exam. It's craziness, I tell you, craziness!

The exam went okay. There were only two questions I was completely flummoxed on. I'll be happy with a B.

Gotta work on my autobiography before social studies. Bleh.
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My school's student association -- well, the SA's government - is protesting the govenor's budget, which is their perogative, I guess, even though I don't agree. But they're sending a petition and a letter to the capitol in which they state their concerns 'on behalf of almost 3,300 undergrads..."

Excuse me, assholes. Don't assume that you speak for me -- you don't.
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