February 16th, 2004

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My mom got me a cute little diary-like notebook for V-Day.

They make me nervous, books like that. They're so nice to look at, I feel like I should put equally nice things inside them. I feel like whatever musings I might make inside could never live up to the outside.

Oh, and this is for Sue, since she keeps telling me that she doesn't know enough about Batman to write Justice League fanfic ;)

The life of Bruce Wayne, only child of Thomas and Martha Wayne and heir to their family fortune, changed forever the night he witnessed his parent's murder on the streets of Gotham City's notorious Crime Alley. Standing over their fallen bodies, he made a vow to rid his native city of the evil that had taken their lives. Over time he made good on that promise, seeking mentors across the world to train him in the arts of detection, criminology, martial arts, escape artistry, the sciences, weaponry, and other fields that would enable him to accomplish his goal. Having mastered these skills, he returned to Gotham and adopted the guise of the Batman to strike fear in the hearts of those who would make others suffer as he suffered those many years ago.

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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

More TV obsession

My Charmed download is about 1/4 finished. Go little download, go!

Do you think it's coincidence that both Superman and Batman had moms named Martha?

I uploaded the season two premiere, JL: A Knight of Shadows to my server. The sound is kind of crappy in the beginning, but it gets better. Sue, I'll burn the pilot and mail it to you.

ETA: 72%!
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