February 15th, 2004

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Had a good day today... although I guess technically it's yesterday now. I watched Heroes 1 and 2 *hugs Arnise* with my family, who seemed to have all the appropriate reactions. I didn't cry the second time, partly because I wasn't alone, partly because I knew what to expect, partly because I wasn't in such an emotionally fragile state. But it was still wonderful. It's not going to be easy to review these episodes, especially 2, because there's so much to say. I'm going to have to watch part 1 again before I write the review.

We went to my fave Chinese resturant in Concord, and it was as delicious as always. Although I am so damn thirsty right now.

After we got home - we being my mom, dad, brother, aunt, uncle, cuz and me - we were going to go rent The Lion King 1 1/2 and watch it while eating this awesome chocolate cake my mom had made. But the idiot rental place only had 2 copies! Two! Duh. So we watched Superman instead... the original. Boy oh boy, it's pure cheese. But if I had to chose between cheese and dreck like Smallville, cheese would win every time.

I also watched an episode of the old Batman TV show the other night -- what can I say, I'm on a superhero kick. Man, that show went beyond cheese. I'm not sure what it was. And it's funny. In the toons and movies, BM is so big and strong and kinda awe-inspiring, and on the TV show... he was a dweeb.

So, next on the list will be to watch the first Batman movie with MK, as I'm told that's the best one. Although Batman without Wonder Woman just isn't the same...

Jamie is currently downloading some JL episodes on Kazaa for me. I knew little brothers were good for something.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

TV tonight

Alias was rather dull. Collapse )

Did anyone else watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? Mom and I got all weepy.

Oooh... I finally found the pilot of Justice League on Kazaa. With Jamie's help. I think I'll put it online in a bit.

Keeping an eye out for tonight's Charmed episode on BitTorrent. I saw bits of it during the commercial breaks, but now that things are finally getting interesting on the 'ship front...
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