February 9th, 2004

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Under construction

The wonderful lovely anr has been helping me figure out this custom LJ stuff. This is one of her layouts... isn't it nice? I'll finish tweaking it tomorrow, but bed calls. My alarm goes off way the hell too early on Monday mornings.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch


I just realized that one of the new pants I got, which was supposed to be a size 7, was really a size 5. The outside tag was wrong and I didn't think to double-check the inside tag. And the outside tags have already been snipped. Suckage.

Anybody interested in some size 5 tan tab-front pants?

In other news, I've put up the new layout on my friends page, only with a different top graphic. Piper and Leo from Charmed, and Sydney and Vaughn from Alias. Aren't they cuuuuuuute??

Now I'm going to go get some lunch, then work on some homework, go to class and come back so I can play with my layout some more!
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After a short *cough* delay, I'm piecing together the next issue of Wild Horses, with the help of the wonderful amazing project manager Lola :D Wouldn't be able to do it without you, hon.

I wanted to put out a kind of last minute call for 'guest' materials. I think we're doing pretty well here as far in the Departments, uh, department, but we can always use more features. What are features, you may ask? Just about anything. Character analysis, talking about some obscure part of the show such as your undying love for Chevron man, fandom critique... whatever. And of course media-related stuff (wallpapers, videos) are always great, although our media/fun section is going to be bursting this time!

Anyone who's interested knows where to find me. Such as... here ;)
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Does anyone know if the new Charmed eps go online after they air? I'm going to miss the ep on Sunday, and I hate to miss it now that it's really getting interesting... or be left to the mercy of God-knows-when repeats *g*
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