February 8th, 2004

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Yay... I think

Well, I've bought 2 Giants tickets for June 16th, a 7:15 game. I have no idea who'll be going with me, or if I'll be working then and will somehow have to get a vacation day, or what. And it was over $40. Ick.

But I have tickets.

I'm so stressed about working this summer... and it's not even spring yet. Gatecon is looming before me, and I was hoping to not have to take more out of my savings account, and/or stress out my credit card even more. I wish there was some way I could work this semester, even if it was just for a little chump change, but there's just so way... I'm way too busy.

*hides face*
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch


Hi everyone!

We're ahead of schedule this year.

You can now go to the SJFA site http://www.samandjack.net/sjfa/ to see the results of this year's contest.

Many thanks to everyone who participated, and also to the wonderful awards staff -- Sue, Ann and Rob.

See you all again next year! :D
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