February 5th, 2004

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New Jack. This one's all mine, though, fj.

In other news, I'm re-reading Dinesh D'Souza's Letters to a Young Conservative. Not quite as good as What's So Great About America (hmm, should re-read that one too) but very nice. This time through I'm going to do some outlining (in pencil, of course) of some of the best passages, so I can refer to them at other times if need-be.

Basically it's a primer of sorts that outlines a lot of typical conservative positions and explains the reasoning behind them. Education, affirmative action, feminism, political correctness, guns, multiculturalism, liberal educators, and the like. Wonderful author. I'd like to give him and Bernie Goldberg big hugs :)

ETA: Gotta watch the network news tomorrow to see how much air pllay this actually gets: Kerry Blocked Law, Drew Cash.

ETAA: I heard a blurb about this on the news, but here's the whole story -- a kid in my hometown was killed today...

Fatal Crash In Oakley Kills Local Teen

A Contra Costa County school is mourning the death of a teen killed during a street race. As Fox 40's Michelle Kennedy reports the young man was an intelligent and popular student who will be missed

I'm sorry, but he wasn't that intelligent if he was street racing on main street. AKA -- the freeway.

D'Angelo Hernandez can't believe he will never see his friend Nicholas Gulbransen again.

D'Angelo Hernandez said, "He shouldn't have been racing in that kind of weather. It shouldn't be going on."

The 16 year old Oakley teenager died as a result of this collision on Highway 4 and Big Break Road. According to police 2 cars were racing down the street yesterday afternoon.

This mustang collided with another car seriously injuring the 50 year old driver. The driver of the mustang was also severely injured. Gulbransen was in the passenger seat.

Nick Gulbransen was a junior at Freedom High School. Today grief counslers consoled students having trouble dealing with his death. According to Nick's uncle the 16 year old loved his car and his family.

One more than the other, it seems.

My brother's a senior at Freedom, but his girlfriend is a junior.

From another article on the story:

The other vehicle in the alleged drag race fled the scene, but Cox said the juvenile driver was identified by witnesses. He was later arrested and his vehicle was impounded.


*shakes head at the terribly stupidity of some young people*
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Thursday mantra

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow I only have one class, then I get to go home, veg a bit, and watch Death Knell!

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow I only have one class, then I get to go home, veg a bit, and watch Death Knell!

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow I only have one class, then I get to go home, veg a bit, and watch Death Knell!

*bangs head on table*
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(no subject)

Devil: Hey... your morning Lit class tomorrow has been cancelled, right?

Alli: Yeah...

Angel: Terrific, more time to go to the computer lab and work on your powerpoint presentation before Physics!

Devil: Or...

Angel: Or? There's no or.

Devil: There's always an or.

Alli: What are you guys talking about?

Devil: Well, instead of waiting around until Physics at 2, you could --

Angel: Nuh-uh. I see where this is going.

Devil: -- skip class and go home in the morning!

Alli: Hmm...

Angel: Don't hmm! You can't miss class!

Alli: Why not?

Angel: Well... you'll miss the lecture.

Devil: So what? She's good enough at this, she can just read the appropriate chapter in the book.

Alli: She's got a point.

Angel: Er... okay. But what about turning in your homework?

Alli: I could always just drop it off at Dr. Harlow's office in the morning.

Devil: Niiiice...

Angel: *groans*
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