February 2nd, 2004

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My dreams lately have been so weird. And they just keep getting weirder. The one I had last night was funny but also rather disturbing. Very bizarre.

PS. The groundhog predicts six more weeks of winter. Stupid groundhog. He does this to us every February.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch


Last night I finished reading Bernie Goldberg's Arrogance. It's his second book dealing with the topic of liberal bias in the mainstream media (network news and major national newspapers), but this one is angled more towards how to solve the problem. Some of BG's suggestions are rather tongue in cheek, but he had some points that I think are absofrigginglutely on the money.

"The one area in which [big-time journalists] are absolutely certain that they've done the right thing is in making the newsroom more diverse. All you have to do is look around at the "glorious mosaic" that is the modern newsroom: women, people "of color", gays. Sure, there's still more to be done - Jesse Jackson and GLAAD, among others, will keep the heat on, and God bless them for it. But only a fool or a Neanderthal can fail to applaud the incredible progress that has already been made.

And I do. In many ways, today's newsroom is indeed a better place than it was a generation or two ago.

But millions of us are eager to see another kind of diversity, one that is also important and meaningful. It's past time that we moved from a newsrom that simply looks like America to one that thinks more like America -- a newsroom that better reflects America in its highly varied beliefs and values and passions. Such a newsroom will welcome not only female reports who proudly identify themselves as "feminists," but also those who have serious problems with feminist dogma. And such a newsroom will not only welcome black liberals but also seek out black conservatives.

And today's newsrooms are also in desperate need of some class diversity. New executives need to make a serious effort to go after the kind of blue-collar kids that currently you almost never find in most American newsrooms. As Tim Russert says, news executives have to recruit kids not just from places like the Columbia School of Journalism but also from less tony and more conservative schools, like ones run by priests. They also need to find some kids who are smart and have a ton of enthusiasm but didn't go to college at all. They need to find young men and women who served in the military. All of these kids of people also have important perspectives to bring into the newsroom..."

Smart, smart man.
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