November 27th, 2003

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The cold that I thought I was over decided to make a comeback. Yech.

Mom spent today cooking and I spent it... well, I watched some TV and took a nap because I was cold. But I spent quite a lot of time typing up a lot of Mom's recipes; I'm going to print them out and organize them in a binder and make them pretty and everything.

I ordered Jamie's t shirt yesterday which means I'm effectively done with Christmas shopping. Next: cards. Party City has some really good deals on cards, so I might go down there next weekend. Not going out this weekend. You would never ever catch me in a store of any kind on the weekend after Thanksgiving.

If you would like to go on my Christmas/holiday card list, and you're not in the SJHW database (you know who you are ;)) drop me an email -- allisnow at sjhw dot net. I want to know how many boxes to get *g*

Oh well. Time to go curl up in bed and reread some more of Air Force One. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all, and to all a good night!
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