November 24th, 2003

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This might come as quite a shock
But I've given it a lot of thought
This thing that's come between us can't be ignored
I've taken all I can
This is where its got to end
Cause I can't be your friend anymore

And I can't be accused of not being there for you
How many nights have you shown up at my door?
I hope you understand, this wasn't in my plans
But I can't be your friend anymore

And its killing me to know you without havin a chance to hold you
And all I wanna do is show you how I really feel inside
You can run to me, you can laugh at me, or you can walk right out that door
But I can't be your friend anymore

So baby now its up to you
Do I win or do I lose?
Will my heart fly or lie broken on the floor?
Well take me as I am cause I want to be your man
But I cant be your friend anymore
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    Tim Rushlow: I Can't Be Your Friend Anymore