November 19th, 2003

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I am moody, irritable writer! Hear me roar!


Don't worry... BEE happy...

22,506. Bleh.
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I feel icky.

Do I have to go to class?

*takes some baby aspirin*

ETA: Holy nuts. The WH site got 4000+ hits yesterday.
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Ho hum

Feeling better now. I'm sniffly and my throat is a little sore, but the general ickiness is gone. I'm off to tutoring in a few, and then at 4 I have a meeting with my two group members for our mythology project. It has to include our masks... other than that I'm not sure what the hell it's going to be about. I guess the easiest thing to do would be to act out a scene or story (which would require getting dressed up in some kind of costume, bleh). The prof mentioned that a group last semester did some kind of game show. Oookay...

Anyone have any ideas?
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(no subject)

So my group members are supposed to be here... any minute.

I'll be so surprised if it actually happens.

ETA: One gal is MIA. Not here and not in her room. The other lives down the hall from me, just came in from soccor, and is in the shower.

1 out of 2.. not a great ratio, but it could be worse.
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