November 12th, 2003

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So after attaining my Nano word goal tonight (9070, yeah baby), I - thanks to Yam - did some reading on The Wild Mole's site. Frigging hilarious stuff. I would pay a great deal of cold, hard cash for her to review one of ELG's stories.

Anyway, it made me start thinking about Stargate fandom, and that made me start thinking about how long it's been since I've thought about Stargate fandom. I mean, up until I decided to do Nano, I was working on The To-Be Epic Wherein Jonas is a Young Republican Harangued by Kelownan Liberals (c), but I think the last time I was at GateWorld forums was last spring, and my modding of the SJ list these days has boiled down to scan the posts, delete 95% of the fic, smack them who's needs smacking.

And it's weird. I kinda miss pissing people off on a daily basis. I miss the anxiousness of wondering if a particular head case has replied to a post yet, or if she-of-the-thousand-personalities has butted in, or if she-who-isn't-biased,-really will have simply shut down the thread.

There's this odd disconnect as far as fandom beyond SJ goes. I mean, I get the occasional reports from the front line, aka the sewers of OS, about how the toes are bitching about this and that (all which boils down to not enough Jack-lovin' for Danny, like that's any great surprise). And then I realize, this is how fandom was before D&C aired, which subsequently led me to the Stargate newsgroup and the plethora of misogynists, screwballs, asshats and generally freaky types I found there. This is how fandom is for most of the people on SJ.

Yet I'm still looking forward to putting together the next issue of Wild Horses (mainly because that'll mean my novel is finished), which I'm planning on making more fandom-focused, as least as far as editorial content goes. I want to write about the events that have really shaken up fandom. I just can't think of anything especially recent.


Well, I should get to bed. Pretty scary that Yam actually beat me out of the room.
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Frighteningly funny

Fourteen-year-old Lauren Lee recently got some great news in a progress report sent home from Sherwood High School in Montgomery County. The freshman got an "A" in a tough honors-level geometry course.

Not bad, thought Lauren's mother, Lauren Asbury, especially considering that her daughter never attended the school.

"She doesn't go to Sherwood," explained Mrs. Asbury. "She goes to Good Counsel High School."

Lauren, who lives in Olney, has never attended Sherwood High School in Sandy Spring, but that hasn't stopped teachers she's never met from giving her high marks.

Two of the four teachers at Sherwood whose classes Lauren never attended gave her A's anyway, according to the Sept. 26 progress report school officials recently mailed home.

"It was kind of funny at first," Mrs. Asbury said. "But then it's really scary when you think about it. I mean, if they thought my daughter was really going to school there, then why didn't anybody call me?"

Even more troublesome, Mrs. Asbury added, is that teachers are giving out grades to students who don't show up.

"She did get an incomplete grade in physics," Mrs. Asbury said. "At least the physics teacher got it right."

The article.
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The Great Hallway Ruckus

Okay, this is just too funny, so I have to update people on this, and in order to do that I need to tell you what's been going on this week.

In my dorm, we're pretty much allowed to put stuff up on the walls that we find interesting. Flyers, news articles, that kind of thing. When Michael Moore (bleh) was on campus to sell his "book", there were flyers all over the place. During the recall, there were also some satirical pieces on Arnie. After Moore's appearance, I put up an article calling him on some of his hypocrisy, just to give an opposing opinion.

A couple days later, the piece of paper was gone.

The piece on Arnie, of course, is still there.

So Vet's Day, just to remind people, I put up this picture, which I also posted on my livejournal.

The next day, surprise, the picture was still there, but next to it was a piece of paper with a photo of a mushroom cloud and another of a dead body. Obviously an 'opposing opinion'.

So that night I added a vet's day poem to the growing montage. Just cause I'm mischievous like that.

Today I noticed that another page had been added by my secret friend, a critique from Moore's site on the Patriot Act.

Yeah. The Patriot Act. Which has what to do with V Day?

Do college students know the definition of non sequitor?

So the latest 'retaliation' from me was just a post-it note saying That has nothing to do with Veteran's Day, silly! Because honestly, if you're going to play this game, at least stay on message. Like Kelly said, this chick is making liberals look bad ;)

I also took the initiative to take down the Vet's day picture because, well, it's over.

We'll see how long the "wisdom" of Michael Moore remains on display.

ETA: LOL, now there's a strip of paper that says "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" I need to thank these twits for the laugh.
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This isn't a spoiler. Really.

But eee, I am just destined to be a Wes/Fred shipper, aren't I? They're just so... and when they... and then he... *squeals*

ETA: However, there are now spoilers in the comments ;)
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