November 3rd, 2003

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It's very cold.

Well, low 50s, which counts as cold in California.

I'm going to go to Target and buy some gloves and a hat.

I say again, brr.
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Copying this over from my family-lj

And no, I'm not saying what the username is.

I went to Target tonight and bought a hat (off-white), a scarf (off-white) and some gloves (black, because wearing white gloves is just asking for trouble. Next paycheck: some nice warm, roomy sweatshirts. Ahh, I like being warm.

I had dinner - pasta sans sause and french fries - before class, and now I'm hungry again. Debating on eating the BBQ beef sandwich in my fridge. It's caaalling to me.

Speaking of food, check out this article from the Guardian. Long queue at drive-in soup kitchen. First of all, it's lines, not queues. ;) Secondly, as Lee points out:

"Anyone overseas reading this is going to get the impression that here in America there are emaciated bodies lying all over the streets, starving to death, being stepped on by cigar smoking fat cats rolling out of their limousines."


In other news, the Drudge Report is saying that the Reagan mockery-- er, miniseries has been cut from the CBS lineup and will air 'uncut' on Showtime instead. Like Showtime doesn't run enough crap.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Nifty linkage from Yam

USA - On campus: Free speech for you but not for me?

I don't know what's more surprising... the 'revelation' that college campuses are liberal (*gasp*), or the fact that it was USA Today - of all publications - that actually ran this story.

Of course it's the same at the high school level. Just ask my brother about his former government teacher, or about the freshmen girl who wanted to start a Caucasian Club:

Freedom High School in Oakley, California made big news and big controversy recently when a freshman there, Lisa McClelland attempted to start a Caucasian Club. Of course her efforts became a target for the predictable cries of racism and bigotry.

It is a fact in America today that while Hispanic Clubs, African-American Clubs, or Asian Clubs are welcomed as diverse and wonderful, a White Club is berated as evil and racist. This is the result of the climate of racial hostility and divisions created by the multi-culturalists and political correctors in our nation.

It would almost be worth trying to start a Caucasian Club here on UOP just to see the libs freak out. Of course, this is the same campus filled with advertisements for MEChA and clubs for every southeast Asian ethnicity known to mankind.

(4,617 Nano words.)
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