November 1st, 2003

tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Muse don't fail me now.

My goal for tonight is 1,000 words, leaving another 1,000 for tomorrow (before I go sock shopping).

*holds breath and dives in*
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

After the first hour...

1,130 words. Not bad for the first night.

So far my main character is a little more sensitive than I imagined him to be, his sidekick is a little more crass than I'd pictured, and one of the other characters - a guy - likes to knit. Hmm, wonder where I got that from...

Interesting to see how characters start to really develop the minute you put them down on paper. Or, in this case, the screen.

My new goal for 11/1 is 2,200 words.
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