October 26th, 2003

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So I've been working on my nano idea... as much as I'm allowed to. I went through my favoritest of all tools, my baby name book, and was able to finish naming my characters. I want lots of them floating around the periphery, so that I can do irresverible damage to them without worrying about running out of people. Mwahaha. There's Mikhail, Talia, Johnny, Aiden, Red, Tyler, Grant... and they're all fair game!

The main characters will have to be spared, I think.

So far I have fairly good (I think) backstories for my main characters, and from the advise I've seen the vets post, it's all about letting the characters lead the story. I'm all for that. I'm a character-oriented person, after all.

The setting is proving a bit more of a challenge; the story is set in an actual real place, but because it's set in the near future (ahh, the liberation that is speculative fiction) and I want things to remain mysterious-like, I'm not going to use it's name. It'll be interesting to see if anyone (not counting people who really know me) are able to pick up on it.

I'm still unsettled with how little plot idea I have so far, regardless of the character-centered thing. I mean, I have some plot, but not 50k worth. Put in its simplist terms... boy meets girl, boy and girl don't like each other, boy and girl suck it up on behalf of some other people, boy and girl fall for each other, boy (or girl) saves girl's (or boy's) life. It's more complex than that, obviously, but it still needs... something else, some twist.

I know! None of it is really happening, they're all hooked up like batteries for the benefit of giant machines!

What? You mean it's already been done?

I hope my nano shirt gets here tomorrow.
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