October 15th, 2003

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So if today is LJ National Protest Day, can I protest the silly 'marriage isn't about gender' anis I've seen going around? ;)
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Feel the love (that's love only, not marriage)

Wow guys, you made my inbox explode when I got back from work! Hee! I need to have these protest protests more often.

I did find an interesting kind of "Marriage FAQ" from a family-focused group that gives the argument for keeping the definition of marriage as it is. It'll probably make someone's head explode, but hey -- that's what I'm here for!

Focus on Social Issues.

Ooh, and I think that Parasites Lost is almost done downloading, Yam :D
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Okay, now for the real entry

Wednesdays can really suck, you know. They're just so... Wednesdayish. On the upside, Angel is on tonight. There's an 'emergency floor meeting' at 9:30 (they need to instruct the little morons on how to keep viruses off their computers and thereby off the net), so I'll have to pretend I'm not here or something. Screw floor meetings.

Ha! I'm such a rebel!

I scoffed when others did it, but I've finally gone through and trimmed down my friends' list. It's nothing personal, or MPA-related (heck, I'm still putting up with most of you weirdos ;)) it's just that... the number of LJ entries per day has gotten a little scary. I'll probably be back before you know it, bored out of my mind and desperate for something to read, but for now I'll stick with the people's LJ's I usually, um, play in.

I'm still a rebel!

Argh! My ep DL is sputtering at 44039/44200Kb. Download, you bastard!

I went to B&N after tutoring looking for an adult adaptation of "Robin Hood". Don't ask. All I could find was this little 3rd grade reading level copy that wasn't worth the $4 they were charging. It's probably a long shot, but does anyone own a book along the lines of what I'm looking for? Can you recc anything?

In other news, being called a homophobe is just as funny in real-life matters as it is when it's being slung around by large, disgruntled slashers. I'm thinking about starting up a Society for Creative Homophobia just to keep things interesting.

Because it is why I'm here.

Go, download, go!

(I would really like a drink right about now.)

PS. Go Sox!

PPS. Heheh.

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Well, as you can probably tell by the icon, I've gone and done it. I'm going to take part in NaNoWriMo: national novel writing month.

Do I have the time? Of course not. The willpower? Doubtful. An idea? Pshaw!

Yet I was compelled to do it.

*bangs head on desk*

I was having some interesting literary thoughts on Sunday when I was watching WB's Tarzan. *waits for the laughter to stop* I'm not going to make a habit of it, of course; I wanted to get the full experience so I could later mock it with impunity, knowing fully what I was scorning. And now I can. But the thing was, as bad as the show is, the concept didn't seem as stupid as I had imagined. I mean, modern-day homeless-looking Tarzan and badass cop (c) Jane galavanting around New York City. Stupid. Yet I did see some things about it I thought could be improved... so it's not a total lost cause. Besides, I admit to finding the idea of contemporizing a classic (or a 'modern classic') fairly interesting. I mean, it has potential. Just because Tarzan and Smallville are horrid...

*ducks tomatoes incoming from Texas and the midwest*

*wonders if she had a point*

Oh yeah.

If I had any kind of idea, it would be a contemporization of... something. That's why I asked about the Robin Hood books... I've always really liked the 'rob from the rich to give to the poor' motif -- and I'm not even a bleeding heart liberal! Plus no one in their right mind can not like Men in Tights. If I can get a better feel for the story, maybe a modern-day or even slightly future-set interpretation will come to mind. But I'm not betting on it.

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