October 12th, 2003

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Birthday stash!

Had a cool belated birthday yesterday. Went out to dinner, had tasty cake, and got lots of cool stuff :-D

- Black Hills Gold necklace with an 'A' pendent
- Giants earings and charm bracelet
- The Fox Report with Shepard Smith mug (and it's huge... holds about 2.5 cups of liquid)
- Long black leather coat
- Australian opal earings
- DVD player & stand
- HP iPAQ 1945 pocket PC
- Makeup set
- Suede shoes
- "The Writer's Journey" by C. Vogler :D

My grandmother also sent me some money that I'm going to take to Staples a little later to get a case for my handheld!
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

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Trying to get into chat. Meh.

Played with my PDA (I'm to the Es in my address book) whilst watching Alias, which was much more exciting than the previous two weeks. Although I don't care how happy and smiley they're trying to make her out to be, I still hate Blondie. So there ;)

Next week... evil Syd? Don't beat up Vaughn, go after the foreign bitch!
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