October 7th, 2003

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FEEL the love!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! My dad's already called (woke me up, but I didn't tell him that) to say happy birthday, and the firefighters he works with chimed in too ;) I have a bottle of Doc's hard lemonade getting cold in my fridge, so tonight after class I can sit back with a cold one and watch the election returns come in.

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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

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Back from class and my butt is dragging. My God, that professor can put me to sleep faster than anyone I know.

My alarm clock fell over in the wee morning hours, and then I accidently unplugged it trying to pick it up, so then I had to wake up enough so I could reprogram it.

And my room is a mess because I was too tired last night to put my books away, so I just kinda... threw them wherever there was an empty spot.

*drinks Dr Pepper*

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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

I forgot to do this last night...

Hey fellow Gaters! We're pleased to announce that the 4th issue of the Stargate webzine, Wild Horses, is online and waiting to entertain you. This month we have a new interview with Stargate Exec Joseph Mallozzi, some terrific editorials, lots of new graphics, another reader contest... and a brand new look!

Come check it out -- we welcome your feedback!