September 22nd, 2003

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Well aren't I the accomplished one?

Tonight I formatted Sel's WiP for the zine, switched around all of my icons, and made a new layout. I love this background. It's just... funky.

I also watched Save the Last Dance. One of the few things produced MTV that I will ever say that I really like. But then again, I think Julia Stiles rocks. She was even better in 10 Things I Hate About You. Hilarious movie, that. Save was great for the story, though, and the dancing. Movies about dancing always make ME want to go out and... bust a movie, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Speaking of kids, mom, Jamie, Shelby and I went to Freedom's homecoming game on Wednesday, seeing as how it was the first game in our new stadium. And let's just say, it is not an experience I'll be wanting to repeat any time soon. It makes me feel like such an old fogie, but... those children were freaking idiots. Throwing peanuts and candy around the stands, standing up every five seconds and blocking the view... my mom got kicked in the back by some airhead who was hopping around the bleachers. And the less said about their language, the better.

This is why I have no interest in teaching high school. Or even being around that age more than is absolutely necessary.

On to happier topics. I've been thinking more about the Jonas story, and actually I've got some private entries here on LJ hashing it over. I do think that the events of Meridian should be a part of the story, because otherwise I'll be making up some huge event in Jonas' life and either it won't look like anything or it'll make the Meridian stuff look paler by comparison. But as far as the Hero's Journey model goes, I don't think the whole Daniel-scientists-bomb thing should be the actual climax... the Ordeal/Reward part. I think that should be something more character-based, because I don't want the meat of the story to be a rehash from the show. But I can see the events of Meridian falling into the 'climax' portion of the story... the resurrection/return with elixir segment. And that's because, as Vogler points out, the Hero's Journey doesn't only represent a physical journey. As a model for a character arc, the climax stages represent the final attempt at some kind of change... and eventual mastery of the problem. And that's what it'll be when Jonas steals the naquadria and defects.

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Wakey wakey!

Up at a decent hour this morning. The last few weeks it's been torture getting up and out of bed... I usually ended up smacking the snooze button a few times. But this morning I got up at the first try. Yay.

Checked out the status of my checking account this morning. Sooo not pretty. And I won't get a substantive paycheck from my work-study job for a few weeks. Sigh.

First class this morning is English. I hope we weren't supposed to have read anything, because I haven't. Heh.

No service learning class today, but I do have to go down to the American Red Cross and buy (grimace) their book on community safety and first aid for my first aid class. Bleh.
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Haven't done a damn thing all day...

... except for this, my psuedo-cover art for the Jonas fic I just started on. Usually I don't do cover art until the story is at least mostly done, but in this case I wanted to find some younger pictures of "Jonas" and "Dr. Keiran", and also 'cast' the two main OCs.

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