August 20th, 2003

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Quick update before I medicate myself into oblivion.

Took my car to Big O this morning to get new tires before I head back to school, since my car is a 97 and still has the original tires. Going to get them aligned, too. The total came up to $476 - yikes - but at least I get paid today.

Last day of work went well. I talked to both Emily and Alex's moms and they both seemed interested in having me babysit sometime, especially Alex's mom... it's her and her hubby's anniversary this week and they didn't think they'd be able to go out. Apparently hubby is a little paranoid about sitters, and they haven't lived in the area all that long. She said she'd want to schedule me for the weekend after Labor Day weekend, so Gatecon spending money, here I come ;) Is $10/hour a resonable rate for babysitting two kids (a 4 year old and a 2 year old)?

I've come down with another cold, this one in my sinuses. My face hurts and my ears feel like I'm underwater. I've drunk enough juice in the past twelve hours to qualify as a human citrus fruit. I'm going to get some breakfast, take some Vit. C, and then knock myself out with another quarter-dose of Benadryl. Yeah, I'm a lightweight.

Since I haven't gotten around to saying it, thanks to my GC Tour Fund contributors ;) I'd smooch you, but I'm probably contagious.

Lexa and Shanksy got hitched, eh? I'll just have to assume my invitation to the wedding got lost in the mail...

The samandjack Gatecon brunch RSVP list is up to 24. I'm thinking we should go to the Thirsty Turtle just out of spite... watch the waitresses freak *g*

Jonas the fish still lives.

OTP = one true pairing.

That is all.
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