August 15th, 2003

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I have written fic! And not just any fic, but weird dark murderous sexfic! Well, maybe not sexfic as compared to Sue, but sexfic by my standards! Hee!

Going to let it settle for the night. Tomorrow I'll reread and hope it still makes some sense, fluff it up a little, and hopefully post.

*does a proud little dance*

BTW, I've bid on the set tour. I'm not saying what my SN is because for some reason the thought of other people watching my bid makes me nervous. Don't even try to guess in my presence, or there shall be smackage.

Cross your fingers for me, peeps. 1 day, 11 hours : 29 minutes left.

P.S. Jonas Fish is very adorable.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

NEW: Human Condition

Title: Human Condition
Author: Alli Snow
Category: Angst, Romance, Vignette
Season: 7
Spoilers: None
Rated: R
Warning: Sexual Situations, violence
Summary: In the end, we're simply slaves to our humanity.

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