August 8th, 2003

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Again, not in a chatty mood, so just a quick lj update.

Today did not get off to a good start. I woke up around 3am with a seriously sick stomach and spent some time 'praying to the porcelain god', so to speak. All I can figure is that mom's new marinade recipe didn't go down big with a certain organ. Called in sick to work when I got up this morning, spent the day feeling blah... although that had less to do with my stomach than the horrible daytime television I was forced to watch.

Tomorrow (if you can call 5am 'tomorrow') we head down to LA. We've already taken Max and Chester to my aunt's, which should be interesting because my uncle hates cats. When we left, Max was playing outside happily and Chester was yowling his head off, trying to figure out how to open the back door. My poor little boy.

Avenger 2.0 -- no spoilers, unless you consider it a spoiler to say it rocked. Although... man, what is it with Sam and admirers who are just plain creepy?

Anyway, it brightened my day. My review will be late because I'll be gone til Tuesday (and no net access, sniff), but thems the breaks.

I am planning on taking my laptop, as well as my WIP fics on a disk. Don't know if I'll actually feel like doing any work, but better safe than sorry.
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