August 7th, 2003

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Abstaining from chat tonight because I'm tired and just... don't feel chatty.

As expected, my grandfather passed last night. My dad got back home this evening, and we're going down to LA for the funeral. I'll be gone Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Meaning tomorrow I get to go in to work and tell them I need those weekdays off (as well as Wednesday, because I have an appointment I had put in a time-off request for and I don't want them reneging on that), and if they have any problem... no big loss for me.

Well, I probably won't put it exactly like that ;) Besides, I want to be around til my last day, not just because of the money but because I want to get a little something for my two favorite kids. Just a little stuffed animal or some stickers, something like that. And since I know one of the kids' mom pretty well, I'd like to offer to do any emergency babysitting she might need on the weekends.

Was at the school til 5:30 today because of high counts. Tomorrow I'm 10:30 to 4. Sounds heavenly.


Okay, off to bed... or at least a cuddle with Mr. D'Souza (this is a really terrific book).
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