August 3rd, 2003

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SG1 Fanfic Awards

Because I'm evil, I must sit here and laboriously point out which categories were seized by the eeeevil SJHW.

Gen Awards

Best Author: Denise
Best Action/Adventure: Sleepers by Alli Snow
Best Alternate Universe Episode "Fix" -- Honorable Mention: Hapless, Helpless, Hopeless by AC
Best Alternate Universe Mirror Universe: Mirror Mirror by Seldear
Best Jack Angst -- Honorable Mention: From the Ashes by Alli Snow
Best Sam Angst: Ripple Effect by Denise
Best Teal'c Angst: Still Waters 9: Only Human by Denise
Best Crossover: Centre of Attention by Denise
Best Humor: Queen of the Amazons by Seldear
Best Missing Scene or Episode Tag: Between the Dark and the Daylight by Alli Snow
Best Novel: Sleepers by Alli Snow
Best Character-Focussed Story: Jack: Sleepers by Alli Snow
Best Character-Focussed Story: Jonas: Watching and Hoping by Denise
Best Character-Focussed Story: Sam: Trilithons by SelDear
Best Character-Focussed Story: Sam -- Honorable Mention: The Price of Secrecy by Denise

Because it's a massive list... Collapse )

Slash Awards

Team's Choice Awards: Viva! Las Vegas by Suz


Best Stargate Website - Personal Pages: The Lies We Tell - SuzVoy's Fan Fiction
Best Songvid - Team/General: For Kids of All Ages Suz
Best Songvid - Pairing-Focussed - Ship: Jezebel by Suz
Best Fan Artwork - Photo Manipulation: TV Jack by Linz

You can see all of the nominations/winners here. Congrats to Jojo and Kate and all of this fandom's truly talented writers.

And no, Yam, that doesn't make me a gen writer now. Smartass.

The sad thing is that... as pleased as I am with how I did - and thank you to everyone who voted for me, I'm floored - I'm equally pleased that certain people didn't win. That we didn't have a repeat of the last two years where a mention of Jack in a twenty-page Daniel fic qualifies it as a Jack story and sanctimonious, high-on-themselves 'authors' (you know who they are) dominated the so-called 'Gen' categories. I'm sure we'll get accused of stuffing the box (well, according to some reports we already are), or it'll be said that we only kicked TS ass because we constantly pestered the denizens of samandjack to vote ;) Whatever. Score one for the good guys ;)

And again, congrats to all!
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Oh please

Had to say my own piece on this because... well, because otherwise I'll have to start doing my laundry.

Suz, no matter what any of the half-witted awards people say, you didn't 'ballot-stuff'. People who voted for Suz, neither did you. I know you guys don't need to hear this, but I was so amazed when I heard it that I needed to say it for my own sake. Incredible. Next year, there will no doubt be a rule that you must vote for a certain percentage of a category's applicants in order to not be considered a cheater. Either that, or it'll be a rule that says you're not allowed to vote for someone on the basis of name recognition, and if you're suspected of such a atrocity the said story will be disqualified.

Give me a f***ing break. Geine, sweetie, don't waste your time.
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