July 31st, 2003

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Today was the second day of Orientation at school. Basically, the parents come with their kids and find out which class they're going to be in this year, meet the teacher and so on. It's weird seeing some of the Puks in the Raccoon class, and the Racoons in the school-age yard, and so on.

It's kind of sad knowing I won't be around them anymore after the 19th (my last day). I saw two of my favorite kids today: Emily and Alex. Emily was on vacation last week and wasn't scheduled to be in class this week, so I feel like I haven't seen her in ages. I was in the school-age yard today, but I managed to get a glimpse of her through the gate and went to say hi and gave her a big hug. Afterwards I was so happy to have seen her that I got a little teared up. How pathetic is that? Em is just adorable, though. Later in the afternoon she slipped away from her mom and came to find me. Barely managed to keep from tearing up again ;)

Alex is relatively new; his family just moved to the area and I've had a couple of nice talks with his mom, who is a little too concerned about how much her child sleeps and eats and talks and plays... but then again, Alex is the oldest child. In any case, she's a very nice woman, and Alex is just a sweetheart. Very quiet and kind of shy - he doesn't really talk unless he has something pretty important to say - but a darling. One of my other favorite kids, Toni, just started kindergarten at another school, but I saw her mom and her little sister, Alli (I know, small world) today as well.

Yeah, I'm going to miss all of them. I'll just have to focus on the people - coworkers and kids, sadly - that I'm not going to miss ;)

Note to self: Email H her pictures of D, R and C.
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Flowers IV

Flowers have been ordered, and should be delivered on Monday. Does FTD give delivery confirmation?

Would share the message I put on the greeting card, but it's puke-worthy, so I won't. ;)

Space Race is tomorrow! Yay!
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