July 20th, 2003

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Evil fic snippet

"Isn't that the problem?" she asked. "It's just like the Goa'uld... walking around in human hosts with no one the wiser. Evil people walk among good ones, and nobody knows the difference. No one can tell which is which until it's too late. If that wasn't the case, if there was some way we knew what was inside a person, we would have gotten rid of all the bad apples a long time ago. But they just keep coming." She looked up. "We tell ourselves that there are more good people than bad, more people who are worth saving... but how do we know? How do we really know? Maybe we're just deluding ourselves, General. Maybe they're all bad except for us. Maybe we're bad too, and we just don't know it yet, we won't know until it's too late."
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

New fic: Fireflies

Updated header:

Title: Fireflies
Author: Alli Snow (allisnow*sjhw.net)
Status: Complete
Category: Angst, drama, mystery, UST/romance
Season: 7
Pairing: Sam/Jack, Sam/Other
Rating: R
Warning: Adult themes, character death, violence
Spoilers: "Cold Lazarus", "Chain Reaction", "Smoke and Mirrors", "Homecoming" and "Fallen"
Author's notes: the main inspiration for this story came from reading Dean Koontz's "The Face" three times in a row. In order to bring the plot to fruition... well, what happened in the story had to happen. There was no way around it. I also 'borrowed' from Christopher Pike's "The Immortal". If the smattering of mythology information is wrong, blame him.
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