July 16th, 2003

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Man, what a long, crappy day. Had to deal with the moronic Ms. V again, and found out I'll probably be working with her in August as well. I'm starting to think it isn't the school-aged kids that bug me... it's V that bugs me, and the way she deals with the kids. I'm just going to focus on putting money away so if I have to quit early to save my sanity, I can do so without too much guilt.

While watching a couple of 6 year olds in the yard this morning, I saw a guy on the nearby road fall off his motorcycle and get his legs run over by the pickup that was driving behind him. The guy looked ok - no blood and gore - and the pickup driver got right out to see if he was okay. The police, fire and medics showed up within a few minutes, after I hollared for another staff member to call 911. The cyclist was up and moving around by then; he got into the ambulance under his own steam. The freakiest part was the sound: when the pickup's tires went over the guy's legs, it made the same sound that a flat tire makes on the ground. Oh, and the idiot wasn't wearing a helmet... he's lucky his head didn't get run over.

Still absorbing the Season 8 stuff. I'll breathe easier once I know that RDA, AT and CJ are all signed... AT and CJ especially, since I can't see them doing a season without RDA in some capacity. I doubt FH wants to experience unemployment again. It'd be lovely if they could find a way to bring CN back.

I'm not going to buy TVG, but I am going to write them and mention how rude it was to exclude AT and CJ on the cover. Senority-wise, acting-wise and looks-wise, they're a far bigger draw than FH, and there's no reason they couldn't include the whole team. Unless, of course, they're only doing this because SciFi paid them... and I wouldn't put anything past the morons in SF's marketting division.

Ho hum. My stomach is bothering me. Maybe I ate too much meatloaf.
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