July 14th, 2003

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The vid I'm not doing...

... will not be finished tonight, as I have to work in the morning, but there's only about a minute left to go. So I'll doubtlessly be finishing it up tomorrow when I'm supposed to be doing other things ;)
tv // lbd // shoulder touch

All-Star Stuff

So proud of my guys.

Way to go, Schmidty! And Bonds, of course ;) Bet he's glad to be the DH... a lot less time standing around on those old knees ;)
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The strangest things attract my interest...

But when I saw this, I couldn't help thinking of Sam/Jack babyfic - including mine! - and laughing!

Male Biological Clock Ticking Too, Affects Fertility.

Edit: Another one that made me shake my head:

Does New Show Stereotype Straight Men?
NEW YORK -- Gay men have more style, class and culture than their straight counterparts, according to a new TV series that debuts Tuesday night.
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