June 22nd, 2003

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Finished HP5 today. Don't worry, thar be no spoilers here. Personally, I'm still trying to decide how I feel about it. As always, there was stuff I liked and stuff I disliked, and I don't know which outweighs the other.

We were visiting with relatives in San Andreas today, only just got back and my brain feels like it's full of fuzz. I'm going to have to be a bad girl and put off my FB review for one more day, or else Darren risks getting a page of incomprehesible babble in his inbox.

Hopefully a semi-short day tomorrow. We're taking the kids to see Rugrats Go Wild in the morning. By the time we get back it should be time for lunch and nap, and technically I'm off at 2pm... unless I have to sub for someone who's called in sick.

Listen to me, coworkers -- DON'T CALL IN SICK!

Trying to mobilize myself to write some fic, which for some reason tends to come a little easier than the reviews, but my energy level is somewhere in the basement. Maybe I'll feel more up to it after I take a shower.
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