June 7th, 2003

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The Great Giants Game Adventure

So Ginamarie gives me a call last night while I'm cleaning up after dinner, and she says, "Hey, you want to go to the Giants game?" And I'm like, "Um, doesn't that start in about half an hour?" And she says, "Yeah", but that some of her friends from school, who live in Turlock, want to drive to the game and get tickets from scalpers and watch the fireworks afterwards.

So, against my better judgement, because I've been crazy-bored so far this summer and I start work on Monday, I say "okay". The parents, of course, think I'm bonkers.

I throw some stuff together and drive to GM's house. Her brother takes her to Safeway to get some cash back and then drives us to the BART station. We get on BART at around 7:40, about twenty minutes since the game actually started.

We get to SanFran and go down to the MUNI level, and are surprised to see that we aren't the only latecomers; there's about three other people loaded down with Giants paraphenalia.

GM's friends from Turlock have driven and gotten there only a few minutes before us, managed to finagle free parking because they're so late, and then talked a scalper down from $40 to $25 per ticket because the game, at this point, is literally half over. They got three tickets in the second level, and two - for GM and I - down in the field club. The rich people section.

Dude, we were right across from third base, maybe fifteen rows up or so. Right behind the Giants dugout. We could see the back of Felipe's head, and I got the most awesome view of JT's butt walking towards first base. Plus, we won 5-3. And I got to look inside the dugout (a sea of sunflower seed shells) and touch the top. With my hands.


Of course, we only got to see about three innings, and it was three pretty short innings, but the seats were so cool it was totally worth it. And then there was a fifteen minute firework show over the Bay that was just beauty-full.

Afterwards we left the field club area and found out that our exit was right near where the players leave. So I got to see the back of Damian Moss' head, and Woody (Kirk Reuter, the winning pitcher) in a powder-blue exercise suit meeting up with his family. Seeing the players with their wives and kids does give you kind of a stalkerish feel, but were were safely seperated by a rope, and besides... their paychecks make up for any lingering creepiness ;)
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Heeeelp meee...

Does anyone know of a site that has pictures of USAF dress uniforms? Particularly women's uniforms?

[Edit: Okay, I've partly found what I was looking for... but I don't suppose anyone can explain the difference between, like, the class A and class B uniforms?]
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