June 5th, 2003

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Well, my aunt and uncle from Victorville (spelling?) are up visiting, the first time they've ever been to our house. The brother in laws and sister in laws are talking, and I'm hungry because I didn't wake up til after breakfast, and frankly kind of bored. They're nice people and all, but I guess I'm just not a sharing type person.

Hopefully they didn't bring any family videos. I may have to sneak out of the house.
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Kidney Recipient Arrested on Drug Charges

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (AP) - A teenager who made national headlines three years ago when he received a transplanted kidney from his science teacher was arrested on drug charges along with 10 other people rounded up in a raid.

Michael Carter was 14 and had renal disease when he received the kidney from Jane Smith, his science teacher at a Fayetteville middle school. Smith was awarded the National Kidney Foundation's Gift of Life medal in 2000 for the organ donation.

Carter was charged Wednesday with maintaining a dwelling for drug activity and conspiracy to sell and deliver cocaine.

Sheriff's deputies reported taking four firearms, nearly $1,300 in cash, 215 rounds of ammunition and small amounts of crack cocaine, marijuana and the prescription drug Percocet from the house south of Fayetteville.

Undercover investigators had monitored the house for about a year.

Carter has had one other brush with the law since the transplant, when he was charged last year with trying to steal a forklift.

Well that's depressing.


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Hmm... queenly, eh?]
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Then again, how many stories had he heard about crazed killers, maniacal gunmen, and psychotic kidnappers who, prior to their head-butt with the law, had been wonderful parents, good neighbors, responsible pet owners, and otherwise upstanding citizens? There was a first time for everything, crime included; even the most infamous of serial killers didn't pop out of the oven with a pre-made rap sheet. Affable dentists, perky school bus drivers, and even kindly old ladies were all perfectly innocent individuals until the first drill-attack, hit-and-run, or bludgeoning by cane.
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