June 4th, 2003

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Looks like I got the job! My college units qualify me as a teacher, and not a teacher's aide, after all, so I'll be making $8.75 an hour and probably starting tomorrow; I have to call in around 3 to get my schedule. The gal who interviewed me (actually one of the daughters of the owners) gave me a little tour of the place, which is really very impressive. It's all a little overwhelming at first, of course, but everyone there seems really nice and the kids are just adorable. And yes, Sue, I made sure to mention that I couldn't work the afternoon of the 13th ;)

Now, I have to go fill out a bleepload of paperwork and figure out how the heck I'm supposed to get my medical records faxed to me from UOP. Eek!

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Job Update

Went to Mervyns with Shelby and Mom to get some clothes for work. There are the expected dress code rules: minimum 6-inch inseam in shorts, two-inch straps on tank tops, back straps on sandles... nothing hanging out, nothing showing that shouldn't be showing, no purple hair... that kind of thing. For the cutest little sleeveless shirts with collars... one is yellow with a little embroidered turtle, the other is navy blue with a frog. Very adorable. Also got some new lipstick since I was down to the nub of my old one ;)

Called at 3 to find out they're going to have me start on Monday instead of tomorrow, which is really not a problem -- their summer program just started and everything is hectic, and coming in as a new employee I'd rather not be subjected to utter madness on my first day. ;) Besides, this way I can properly enjoy the freedom of unemployment before I start working again *g*

I need to make an appointment with my doc for the physical, and hopefully have my TB test redone (I took a TB test back in 11th grade and the doctor I had at the time said it was positive; Dad, who knows about these things, still maintains, five years later, that it was negative.) Rather than be irradiated every time I need to prove my health, I'm going to see if I can be re-tested. Not exactly sure how that all works.

Full-time, for the record, is considered 35 hours. So at least I know I won't be working 6am-6pm every day of the week. Although I calculated it and, if I worked full time for a month, I could make about $1,200.

That's a lot of money for me :D

Thanks for the congrats, everyone!

[Edited to say: Eeee! Nodafic and Sally fic! *slobbers*]
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Wild Horses #3

The new season is almost upon us! Come prepare by checking out the third issue of our webzine.

This month, we have...

* The results of last issue's reader survey

* An interview with the wonderful Sally Reeve, fanfic author extraordinaire

* Exclusive new fanfic from SelDear

* A whole slew of Stargate LJ icons by Denise

* The columns you've come to know and love - The Infirmary and The Supply Closet - wallpapers, fanfic recommendations, site reviews, our reader-focused FAQ, fun new quizzes, and more!


Interested in submitting articles, fanfiction, art or anything else to Wild Horses? We're always interested in freelance material, so email us at wild_horses@sjhw.net

Please feel free to forward this post along to any other interested parties.
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