May 30th, 2003

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Good Friday

Got two pages of fic written early early this morning. Went to bed, slept in late.

Got up to help mom put away groceries. We have a nice box of things to send to 'our' Sergeant James in Baghdad: lip balm, wipes, hard candy, Wheat Thins (a special request), puzzle books, Fig Newtons, toothbrushes and paste, and the like. Watched some news. Took a shower.

Gillette sent me a free Venus razor, and wow, it's awesome. That's the first time in ages that I can remember that I've shaved without nicking myself. I also gave myself a good rubdown with a salt scrub (before the shave, obviously) so I feel all lovely and soft and smooth.

My old ISP cut off our service today (a day early -- bastards) but I was able to call my dad and have him help me set up the new account.

Jamie's still at school helping to hand out yearbooks. Tonight he's going to the yearbook banquet at a classmate's house, where the advisor is supposed to announce who will be Ed in Chief next year... Jamie or some girl. Since family is invited, Mom is thinking about the two of us going along to be moral support in either eventuality. I know he wants the position -- on the other hand it is a lot of work.

Still waiting for a babysitting job less than an hour's drive away.

And my mom got me the new Koontz book off as long as, as she put it, 'you don't piss me off'.

But she meant it lovingly.

Oh yeah... I'm 17.15976% - Geek...
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Because I love learning about names

Top 10 boys' names for 2002:
1. Jacob
2. Michael
3. Matthew
4. Joshua
5. Nicholas
6. Christopher
7. Joseph
8. Ethan
9. Andrew
10. Daniel

Top 10 girls names for 2002:
1. Emily
2. Madison
3. Hailey
4. Kaitlyn
5. Hannah
6. Sarah
7. Brianna
8. Ashley
9. Alexis
10. Abigail

New names breaking into the top 10:

Names dropping out of the top 10:

Fastest-rising boys' names:

Fastest-rising girls' names:

Names dropping out of the top 100 in 2002: Camryn, Kiara, Carly, Jillian, Skylar, Cheyenne, Mariah, and Casey for girls and Corey, Edward, Wyatt, Carson, Riley, and Dalton for boys.
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