May 27th, 2003

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Who needs sleep?

Someone on SJ noticed this little bit of D&C cuteness and capped it; I cropped and resized (because Sel is a perfectionist and threatened to sic the attack dingoes on me if I didn't).

Oh no... I don't need sleep at all...
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Lordy I'm bored

last good cry: geeze, I dunno. probably back during the last week of school
last library book checked out: yeah, as if.
last movie seen: city slickers
last book read: currently reading dean koontz's "the door to december"
last cuss word uttered: "asshole"
last beverage drank: currently drinking root beer
last food consumed: tuna sandwich
last crush: *blank look*
last phone call: jamie called from school to say he'd be late
last tv show watched: x-files "field trip" -- only the first half.
last time showered: this morning
last shoes worn: white sandles
last cd played: celine dion "falling into you"
last item bought: drugs
last downloaded: a picture of my kitty
last annoyance: toes
last disappointment: mom
last soda drank: root beer, but i mentioned that
last thing written: letters to rcc and bh
last key used: the key to my car
last word spoken: "what?"
last sleep: last night... a whole 6 hours
last im: kelly
last weird encounter: this and this
last ice cream eaten: rocky road
last time wanting to die: ha
last time in love: pphhff
last time hugged: this morning
last chair sat in: the one i'm in right now
last lipstick used: yesterday, berry red
last underwear worn: blue and white pattern
last bra worn: peach-colored
last shirt worn: blue and white flowered (ooh, I match)
last time dancing: high school?
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Thanks to Morjana...


Here's the description:

"Tired of being dismissed as a 'vocal minority'? We're fans who signed on to watch "Stargate SG-1", not "Stargate: SamandJack". Fans who believe Stargate is a human drama in a scifi setting, not a soap opera. Fans who care about the team, about all four members of our SG-1 family. Whichever romantic pairing we may enjoy in fanfiction, onscreen we want the team together, we want their characters and integrity respected, not compromised for a grafted-on romance you can find on any soap and which excludes every fan who doesn't see it or want to watch it. We thought "Stargate: SamandJack" was behind us in Season 4, but now there's talk of a kiss coming up in Season 7. Have Sci Fi learned nothing from Showtime? We're not looking to flood your inbox with mail, in fact, there'll be no mail at all. Just join the group for a fuss-free, completely
private way to make your point. Stargate SG-1 onscreen = pro-friendship, pro-family, pro-TEAM. We're not a minority at all "


Now, here's the interesting part:

This group was only formed on May 24th...(that's, uh, three days

Yet -- there are 523 members.


Unhuh. Can you say "sockpuppets"?

One thing is for sure... the phrase "our SG-1 family" smells just like the spoiled Denialite/OS brats, MS's footsoldiers. Shocking!
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