May 25th, 2003

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About 30 seconds into my music video to the Feel song mentioned below. Sel's being an angel and uploading Red Sky for me so I can download it. If anyone knows where I can get 100 Days and/or Shades of Gray, please let me know. I have a dismayingly small number of Season 3 ASFs.

Reread Janis Cortese's Animal Husbandry mostly for the nummy, nummy smut, imagry and dark, angsty feel. I've always been skeptical about the plot itself, and certain parts give me very vivid flashbacks to Planet of the Apes, but I'm happily willing to overlook that for the sheer numminess of the rest. Too bad the author didn't write much ship, and apparently lost interest with the show. Alas.

It's after midnight, but I'm much more awake now than I've been the past few days at this time of night. Mostly because I had a Pepsi, hot chocolate, and a mean chocolate layer cake (from scratch!) today. Most of the blame I place on the Pepsi; chocolate I'm usually safe with, but Pepsi is just pure caffeine. Didn't feel so hot this afternoon when it kicked in, though. I've been very good at cutting back on my caffeine intake, but when I do have some it seems to effect me much more than it used to before I cut back. If that makes any sense.

There's a conversation about hermaphrodites going on in the chat room that I really don't want to be a part of.

Trying to psych myself up to working on Sleepers 2. Maybe that fic reread will have an inspiring effect. The problem lately has been that I'm at a rather high-energy scene: there's not a lot of physical action going on, but there's a lot of emotion, tension, and undercurrents that I want to pay proper respect to. And I've been so blah this week that it's hard to keep that energy level up while I'm writing.

*cracks her neck* Here goes nothin'...
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Managed a much more satisfying ending to Chapter One than I was able to come up with the other night. Longer, wordy, will probably need much editing at a later date... but I'm pleased with it. For some reason I'm enjoying making Sam a little darker, a little more angry. God only knows how this'll fit into the start of Season Seven, but I figure with everything that happened at the end of Six she's allowed to be a little more emotional.

The nice thing about this story is that the more I write, the more I find things that I'm able to take from real life and transplant into the fiction. People always tell you to write what you know - it was the first writing advice I ever got, in fact - but I always countered that with the fact that my life is mindnumbingly dull. However, writing this story I find myself drawing a lot on real life stuff. For instance, in the plot area, there are notions of terrorism, tyranny and making alliances with the lesser of two evils. In the character development area, there's going to be a lot of focus on independence, which is something I've personally been struggling with since... well, two, technically, but quite a bit lately ;) As the characters consider stepping into new roles (and obviously they won't because of S7, but they don't know that yet), I feel that I can connect with what they're going through. Yay :)
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For some reason I found this interesting

2003's Safest States: Vermont, North Dakota, Maine, South Dakota and New Hampshire.

2003's Most Dangerous States: Maryland, Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Louisiana ("The state's murder rate not only is the highest in the country but also is double the national average.")

2003's Most Healthy States: Vermont, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota.

2003's Least Healthy: New Mexico, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana and Mississippi.

2003's Most Livable: Minnesota, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nebraska and Virginia.

2003's Least Livable: West Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana and Mississippi.

(Livability scores determined by 43 factors, including everything from crime rates, costs of living, incomes and home ownership rates to low birth weight births, per capita number of books in libraries, sunny days and hazardous waste sites.)
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Interpersonal Comm

Somehow got thinking about this earlier tonight. I took a class in Interpersonal Communication my first semester in college and I still have the book, and everyone once in a while I like taking it out and looking through it. There's some really interesting research about why people are attracted to each other, in the friendship way and in the more-than-friendship way. I pulled out some excerpts that I found particularly interesting, dealing with intimate relationships.

Physical Beauty

As filtering theory suggests, physical beauty is often the most important basis for attraction initially. In Chapter 3 we talked about physical appearance as a nonverbal code. We also noted that most cultures identify prototypes of male and female beauty, which influence our perceptions on physical attractiveness...


How many times have you heard it said that "birds of the feather flock together" or that two people are "kindred spirits"? Common sense tells us that people are attracted to each other because they have key similarities: they like the same food, the same politics, the same kind of people. They share many of the same personality traits, Most of the research that has tested the similarity hypothesis finds some measure of support for it. Even so, a clear understanding of the relationship between similarity and attraction has been elusive. For all the ways that two people can be similar, there are just as many, if not more, differences between them. In fact, recent research suggests that the most important similarities related to attraction might be outside our awareness altogether...

Reciprocal Liking

We are often attracted to another person for the simple reason that he or she has demonstrated reciprocal liking, or an interest or observable liking for us first. Several studies confirm that expressed liking will usually be reciprocated. If you think about it, it's only natural to like those who like us. After all, if someone is capable of recognizing what a wonderful person you are and enjoys your company, she must be a half-decent person herself. Likewise, the person whose face registers disgust when he sees you enter the room is likely to elicit the same response from you.

About the creation of intimate relationships...

Some researchers believe that intimate relationships develop because, like the Marines, people are constantly looking for a few good ones. The process is portrayed as resembling shopping for a good pair of shoes. You keep trying pairs on until you find one that fits. This approach assumes that people are highly cognizant of their own behavior and the implications of their interactions with others. Other social scientists point out that intimate relationships often seem to just happen and can't be predicted very well in advance. The conventional wisdom here is that you just never know when love is going to hit you. Furthermore, relationships develop slowly, almost imperceptibly, mizing elements of both the personal and impersonal. Both views are probably true at times, since communication patterns and their meanings are often seen more clearly in retrospect.

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Tomorrow on Lifetime

Summer of Fear: A personable yet mysterious 19-year-old (Corin Nemec) insinuates himself into the lives of a vacationing ad executive (Gregory Harrison) and his family.

Check your local listings for times.

Mmm... 19 year old CN...
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