May 13th, 2003

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Well, I have my desktop set back up and running, although it's connected to dialup right now and I'm not quite sure how it feels about that. Slow and cranky, I would imagine.

3 corners of my room still look like Hell, but this one - the one with the desk and comp - looks damn good :) That's the important corner anyway. Who needs, you know, a clear path to the door, or a bed? I have a semi-new bookcase/nightstand which frees up a lot more room in my closet for books, although the clothes situation is still going to be... interesting. I have everything filled to exploding and still one load of laundry to do.

I had a weird dream about Buffy, of all things, last night. I don't remember the whole thing, just that everyone died. Even people who aren't even on Buffy... characters from other shows, for example. Willow burned herself alive and transformed into a pygmy mummy type thing to combat the First. Mimi, from my soap opera, had her eyes plucked out.

The weird thing is that I was only mildly squicked. The evils of television desensitizing us to violence, I guess ;)

[Edit: The astronomy class I wanted to take was full, but I've managed to wind up with 15 units anyway, and I may take an extended ed credit at the CPCE. My advisor called this morning and not only approved the class change, but emailed the registrar's office himself so I wouldn't have to drive all the way out to Stockton to turn in the form! What a swell guy *g*]
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