May 5th, 2003

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Done with classes!

Now I just have to survive the finals. Namely, my Spanish final, which is going to be scary as all heck.

Now let's see... if I have a 85% in the class now and the final is worth 30% and I get 50% on that... ;) Well, I did have to study for math tonight...
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Fun on Spoilme

Even more interesting that RDA was signed for several
weeks before S7 was renewed and both MGM and SCI FI
were quick to point out this didn't make s7 a forgeone
conclusion. AT was also signed. MS signed and the
renewal announcement was made. CJ signed some time
after that. There were many factors at play of which
we as fans know nothing.


To set the record straight, season 7 hinged on RDA
signing on contrary to what anyone says. When Rick
signed, it became a foregone conclusion regardless of
when season 7 was announced. We all knew that once
Rick signed on, season 7 was a go.

From JM.

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