April 21st, 2003

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Firstly, thanks to my LJ fairy :)

Secondly... quiz results onlist, guys? I mean, I love Suz, we all love Suz, but gah!

Okay, admin moment over *g*

Thirdly, just to prove the above, and because I'm a lemming and Suz is a BNF *ducks*

Remedied. You are a series. After all, life is a journey. It's not about the destination, but the path taken.
Remedied. You are a series. After all, life is a
journey. It's not about the destination, but
the path taken.

Which Suzvoy Stargate Fanfic Are You?
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although I have serious issues with that picture choice...

Forthly... OS? Sad. But in a funny way. 'Nuff said.
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Gently-used 3-year-old computer for sale to good home.

I'm selling my 'old' computer.

So if anyone is interested, or knows anyone who is interested, here are the...

Specs: (* indicates that it was an improvement/add-on)

- Packard Bell Multimedia 8975, purchased in 2000
- Intel Pentium III Processor 450MHz
- 256 MB SyncDRAM*
- 10.2 GB Hard Drive
- 32X Maximum, Variable Speed CD-ROM
- 12 x 8 x 32 ACER CDR Drive*
- Standard floppy drive
- 56 Kbps-capable ITU V.90 compliant modem
- 1/100 (I think that's the right terminology) Netgear Ethernet Card*
- Logitech Optical Mouse*
- Logitech Deluxe Access Keyboard*
- 13.5 (viewable) inch Packard Bell monitor with side-attached speakers
- Windows 98 OS
- Tower height: 14.5 inches

Included software & programs:
- MS Word 97
- MS Money
- MS Works
- Adapect Easy CD Creator 4*
- Quicken Basic 99
- MGI Photo Suite*
- Acrobat Reader 5.0
- WinZip
- McAfee Virus Scan
- Packard Bell Support Center
...and various other Win98 programs... you can contact me for details.

The reason I'm selling: Mainly because I got a new computer and have no space or use for this one.

Quirks & drawbacks: When booting up Win95, the programs window automatically pops up. There's a reason why it does that... I'm just not sure what it is. There's no real harm, just the second it takes to close the window upon start-up. I also no longer have the master reformat disk. There is no warranty (but those are just scams anyway *g*).

Price: Negotiable. Email me at allisnow (at) sjhw.net if you're interested :)

And just for fun...

Jack needs a hug, hug him. Go on.

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