April 7th, 2003

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I, Fic.

This was on GW... but I don't really feel like posting in that thread, so I'm doing this here ;)

Why do you read fic?
Because I love characters. When I'm really really into a show, just seeing 44 minutes every week (if I'm lucky) isn't enough. I want to 'spend more time around them', in a way, and I want to see how other people see them.

Do you read only Stargate fic, or also in other fandoms?
I've read a little ST:VOY fic, a lot of XF fic, but lately all I read is Stargate... and a little Alias if a particularly interesting looking one is laying around.

Can you remember the first fic that you read?
Yup... in a zine at a Star Trek Creation Con. It was a Voyager zine, and I can't immediately recall the title... but it was an AU Resolutions fic and I found it much more interesting than the guests ;) Looking back it was pretty cliched -- babies and H/C and lots of sappity sap sap, but at the time I was enthralled.

Does it annoy you greatly if the writer doesn't stick to canon? Does this opinion change according to your mood?
Canon? I laugh in the face of canon, ha ha ha ha. Well... as far as fic matching how I see the show, it changes depending on author. I give my favorite authors more slack when it comes to keeping things 'real'.

What do you think motivates writers?
Feedback and a crazy mad insane urge to write and publicly embarrass ourselves?

Do you have a favorite writer? A favorite type of fic?
Several favorite writers. Prefer Sam/Jack ship and 'real gen'.

Do you prefer them to be episode based (what type? missing scene? pov?)
Nope, no preference.

If you write, what made you start writing?
The crazy mad insane urge to write and publicly embarrass myself?

Do you write in more than one fandom?
Nope. I'm a one-fandom kinda gal.

Is there a character or type of situation that you love to write?

Is there a character or type of situation that you hate to write?

Do you write for yourself or for an audience?
Both, in a way. I write because I want to write, but I think you have to keep the audience in mind when you're putting together the story... especially the kind of story that I like, with twists and turns and whatnot. You have to think about your audience and keep in mind who you're writing for. That doesn't mean you should stick to a template because you've gotten good feedback for a certain type of story in the past -- that's boring. And I think it's perfectly possible and perfectly fine to write purely for oneself. But I keep the audience in mind because I think it's a good idea to respect your readers.

Do you use a beta reader? If not, why not?
With my longer stories if I do, or if I have a shorter story that I don't know how it'll play out. At the very least I like to have someone read it over and tell me if it sucks or not ;)

If you do use a beta reader (or more than one) how does it work between you?
Beta gives suggestions. I usually take suggestions, or try and tweak the story so the suggestion is invalid :D

Where/when do you get your ideas?
What kind of dumb question is this?

Okay, okay... Stargate, primarily. Other TV shows. Movies. Books. Weird little brain farts that pop into my mind when I should be doing my homework. And my innate self of evilness. Let's not forget that.
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