March 30th, 2003

tv // lbd // shoulder touch

Very quick fic

This has been playing around in my head for a few days, and it finally managed to make its way out. It's fairly short and weird and quickly written and I'm pretty sure it's some horrifying cliche and by posting it I run the risk of going to Fic Writers Hell.

Oh well.

Set S6, no spoilers, rated PG13, warning for possible clichedness.

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tv // lbd // shoulder touch


Okay, my mail isn't letting me send messages. So I'll do it this way.

Sue: Ask Kelly. And don't be depressed. I actually am working on something happy :)

Kelly: Sue needs an email addy set up. And I need two. And that site recc *eg*

Sel: How's the article coming along? I won't be on til tonight, but if you're having any trouble I can help.

Everyone: *hugs* Feeling much less like a raving bitch today. Medication helped :D


PS Sue: Yes, I can make a form for people to fill out, just tell me what you want in it and what email you want the results sent to.

Oh God, they already have NASCAR on...
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