February 27th, 2003

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My hatred knows no bounds...

For Macs, that is. Ugh, those things are horrible. I know I'm biased, being a dedicated PC-user and all, but they're just so damned cumbersome. It just took me an hour to make a simple, simple webpage and upload it to the net via DW. I mean, honestly...

On a happier note, guess what I have open right now. Yup -- March!
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tv // lbd // shoulder touch

*contented sigh*

I had real rootbeer tonight... you know, the kind that comes in a real glass, long-necked bottle and doesn't taste like candy. It was good. Overpriced, but good, and I deserve it for the mere fact that I had to consider taking a janatorial position.

Like I pointed out to my mom, I'm really moving down the ladder. Started with office work, moved to filing, now considering cleaning up after people? People I'm not even related to? Nuuh. I'm not that bad off. Not yet, anyway ;)

Besides, I have to keep up these woooooonderful grades :D
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