February 26th, 2003

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"Bizarro" is right

*snigger* This was fwded to me off the SciFi BB. Guess who?:

"Well I sure hope they are. I worry about fans like the Alli Snow coming into the chat, who post criminally libellous accusations against Michael Shanks online, accusing him of being a druggie and abusing his kid. I worry about the other Horsewomen, who've made their unreasoning, virulent hatred for the actor no secret in as many places online as they can manage"

*cracks up*

Oh yes. Saying the man can't act and should know when to keep his mouth shut is on par with saying hes' a drug-addicted child abuser. Man... it really must kill them that we don't enjoy the Bliss that is Shanks.

No wonder Annie loves this whacko so much. SHBs just made for each other ;)
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Mixed results

Science test: Got it back today. 98%. Highest grade in the class. Go me!

Spanish test: Took it today.

bangs head on table

It sucks, because I studied and everything - not as much as I could have, I admit, but no less than I usually do - but the second I sit down to that test it all vacates my head. It just felt like I was making educated guesses a whole lot. Bleh.
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SCI FI Has Record February

The whole article.

The SCI FI Channel reported its highest February prime-time ratings ever, averaging a 1.0 rating (777,000 households). That represented a 43 percent increase over the network's 0.7 rating last February and places SCI FI in the top 10 among all basic cable networks, the channel reported.

Stargate SG-1 remained SCI FI's top-rated original series. New episodes of Stargate SG-1 averaged a 1.6 rating (1.26 million households), a 78 percent improvement over February 2002, the network reported. SCI FI's Monday block of Stargate SG-1 reruns also got high ratings, doubling those in their time periods compared with 2002.
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Funny, isn't it...

... that when folks want to talk about what talentless hacks TPTB are, or what a waste of space Corin and/or Jonas are... well, obviously that's opinion and should be respected. But if the unfavorable comments are directed towards, oh, someone else... that's libel.

Unfortunately for them, a statement of opinion does not automatically constitute libel because you disagree with it. At least that's what I learned, but then again I am a product of the public school system. If I'm incorrect, I'll expect to hear from Mr. Shanks' laywers any day now.

Now if only I could manage to transform my slanderous wit into art form and sell it...
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